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“Not to be missed”

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth spending $60 per person to go on a two hour boat trip of this pond, the answer is a definite “yes”. This is a very interesting fjord surrounded by steep rock walls. It was carved by glaciers, but when they receded, the “Pond” was cut off from the sea so it is not a salt water fjord. In fact, Western Brook Pond water is very low in nutrients and there are very few fish in it. It helped that the weather was fabulous the day we went – no rain, not too hot, a mixture of sun and cloud. There is a three kilometre easy hike to get from the car park to the dock and it is best to leave enough time to get there. There are informational placards along the trail about the geology, flora, and fauna. We took 40 minutes to hike in and only 20 mins to hike out as we wanted to beat the traffic. The staff on the boat are very knowledgeable and give you enough information about the geology and the marine life to make the tour interesting. We would have loved to see a moose or a caribou or two, but no such luck.

Visited August 2012
Mirey, Toronto, Ontario