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“Great tour of Bonne Bay”

We took the Bonne Bay boat tour out of Norris Point. The scenery was breathtaking. We saw the cliffs, waterfalls, the mountains, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, little towns along the bay, and several eagles on the 2 1/4 hour tour. The boat was comfortable, the guides’ narration great.
The Bonne Bay boat costs less than the Western Brook Pond boat ride ($40.00 versus $53.00 or $65.00 depending on the time you take the Western Brook Pond tour). For the Bonne Bay tour you can park right at the dock in Norris Point rather than taking the long hike (almost 2 miles each way through moose country) that Western Brook Pond requires. The parking lot for the Western Brook Pond tour is a 20-25 minute ride from Rocky Harbor. Norris Point is only about a five minute ride from Rocky Harbor. The Western Brook Pond one takes up most of the day. The Bonne Bay tour takes up three hours at most.
We took the afternoon tour that ended about 4:30. We went immediately to Justin Thyme restaurant at Norris Point for supper. By arriving early, we avoided the crowd that is usually found later in this restaurant.
We thoroughly enjoyed the Bonne Bay tour and would do it again if we return to Gros Morne.

Visited August 2013