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Bonne Bay tour during TTT festival May 2010

Here is an excerpt from a letter the The Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland & labrador sent to us after they had participated in one of our boat tours in May 2010. The letter was written by John C. Crosbie, PC,OC,ONL,QC

 It said:

Dear Captain Williams:

Jane and I and Margie and David Winter really enjoyed our trip on the Emm-Cat last Sunday and our whole three day visit to Norris Point for a great Festival known as the Trails, Tales and Tunes Festival.

The voyage we had around Bonne Bay and the entertainment in the musical area was great and the chance to travel with you and hear of your experiences was most enjoyable as well. You are certainly a very fine Newfoundland entrepreneur and doing a great deal for our local economy…… Once again many thanks for a very enjoyable trip on your vessel and the opportunity to have you explain variuos features of the magnificent Bonne Bay.