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Bonne Bay Passenger Ferry

Let us do the driving

Save yourself time and enjoy the beauty of the park while we take you across Bonne Bay.

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This PASSENGER ONLY ferry service links the communities of Norris Point and Woody Point. A fifteen minute boat ride across beautiful Bonne Bay can save you an hour’s drive by automobile. In addition to saving time, this shuttle also affords one an opportunity for photos of the Tablelands, Gros Morne Mountain as well as the communities nestled along the shores of this spectacular bay.

Bus transportation to major attractions on the south side of Gros Morne National Park (Discovery Centre – Tablelands – Tablelands Boat Tours – Hiking Trails) may be arranged by the boat captains.

  •  Toll Free @ 1-888-458-2016 0r 1-709-458-2016
  • In Person – at the Cat Stop


  •  Adults- One -way $8
  • Adults- Return $14
  • Students – One -way $6
  • Students -Return $10
  • Family – One- way $16
  • Family- Return $28
  • For groups ( 20+) that want to add an extra bit of authentic experience to their trip across the bay
  • The BonTours crew will entertain you aboard the Emm-Cat with a bit of local ” LIVE” entertainment
  • Rate = $13 per person( tax inc)

Special Water Taxi Schedule During Writers & Comedy Festival 

Bonne Bay Passenger Ferry to start Monday June 10,2019