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Portage NL Comedy Tour @ The Cat Stop!

Join Mark ” The Canoe” Harvett & Mike Hammond on their Portage NL Comedy Tour at The Cat Stop Saturday July 14 at 8 pm.

Topics: Native and Newfoundland Labrador Stand – Up


Arriving in Newfoundland on an ice pan from Labrador 40 plus years ago- this late bloomer of comedy has taken stages from St. John’s to Calgary. Mark “the Canoe” Harnett’s show comes to life from his own personal experiences and opinions, culture, relationships, and being a dad. Often labelled a “suggestive” comedian- whose jokes and stories relate to most of the general population. Mark always keeps his audience in mind, reminding them that its OK to laugh as life is too short to be taken too seriously!


Accolades include performances at Yuk Yuks from St. John`s to Calgary, Mussel Bed Soiree Comedy Night, Chuckles Comedy Club, Live Stand Up Comedy, Something Funny, Hubcap Comedy Festival, Newfoundland Comedy Festival, and have emceed many events. I’ve shared the stage with John Sheehan, Pete Zedlacher, Nikki Payne, Matt Wright, Colin Hollett, Carla Collins, and Derek Seguin to name a few. Performed with some of This Hour Has 22 Minutes cast at the end of August 2017 at The Gathering hosted by Shaun Majumder.

Video Clip:

Mark Harnett Stand-Up Comedy
Stand-Up Comedy Demo

Tickets $15

Comedy Tour July 2018